# Installing Dropil Chain

# Install Golang

Before starting, you must install Golang to setup Dropil Chain. You can download Golang here. Once downloaded and installed, move onto the next step.

# Download Dropil Chain Source

Download the Dropil Chain source from our Github here (testnet source can be found here) and extract the contents to your Golang src folder. The path to the src folder is typically C:\Users\<USERNAME>\go\src. Create the src folder if it does not already exist. The contents of the download from Github should be placed in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\go\src\dropilchain.

# Install Dropil Chain Daemon & CLI

Open your favorite command prompt (i.e. PowerShell) and navigate to the Dropil Chain src folder you just created.

The command to navigate to the folder is cd C:\Users\<USERNAME>\go\src\dropilchain or whatever path your Dropil Chain source is located.

Once inside the correct folder, run the next two commands. Depending on your internet connection, the first command may take a few minutes.

go install ./cmd/dropd
go install ./cmd/dropcli

# Congratulations!

Dropil Chain is now setup on your computer/server! You now have access to the Dropil Chain CLI dropcli.