# Introduction

Tribute to Cosmos

Dropil Chain is built using the highly reputable Cosmos-SDK and these docs are written with the help of the Cosmos Hub Docs. A huge thanks to Cosmos for making their platform open source and for pushing innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

Welcome to the Dropil Chain documentation! The purpose of these docs are to provide information on the technology and how to use it. These docs are a work in progress and will see regular updates.

Dropil Chain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain built using the powerful Cosmos SDK and plans to play a role in the inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC) which allows cross-chain transfers between other blockchains. Learn all about Cosmos Hub and Cosmos SDK.

# The DROP

Dropil Chain's native currency is the DROP (aka Drops & Dropil). Drops give users the ability to contribute to Dropil Chain and help propel the network through staking and delegation. Delegate Drops to any validator to earn more Drops through the Proof-of-Stake algorithm Dropil Chain is built on. By staking and/or delegating, you also gain the ability to vote on proposals and affect the future of the chain.

# Dropil Chain Wallets


Do your own research and take precautions to safeguard your wallet and your funds. Dropil is not liable if you lose your funds

A list of wallets can be found below. We will add new wallets to the list as support for Dropil Chain is added.

# Dropil Chain Explorers

Query Dropil Chain history using these explorers. Additional explorers will be added as support for Dropil Chain is added.

# Community

Join us on our various outlets to get involved in the community. We highly recommend joining the Dropil Telegram for a highly engaging experience with a great community.